Our services are the best in the business when it comes to shirt framing, our own workshop in Glasgow has the best craftsmanship for tailoring our sport shirts. We take great pride in our framing with all our experts that have a combined experience of 80 years with shirt and picture framing, we are more than capable and brimming with knowledge on how to properly create one of our custom-made shirts.

What’s happening with Rugby this year?

In February and March 2024, rugby fans were treated to the thrilling 2024 Six Nations Championship, also known as the Guinness Men’s Six Nations. This prestigious rugby union competition showcased the talents of the national teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. It marked the 130th season of the tournament, which has evolved from the Home Nations Championship and the Five Nations Championship to its current form as the Six Nations Championship since 2000.

I bet all the rugby fans will be excited for the upcoming 14th edition of the World Rugby U20 Championship. This is scheduled to happen from 29 June to 19 July 2024 in the Western Cape, South Africa. This will be the second consecutive year that the championship will be held in this beautiful region.

On our website we have a tool that our customers can use freely called the frame builder, this allows people to have an imagination with all our different materials they can choose from, as well as multiple colourways and also add their own designs or logos. This gives our customers an idea of how we can create your very own unique product to stand out compared to your regular rugby shirts and give people the individuality they’re all looking for.

If you’re interested in getting any framed shirts at all make sure you try out our Frame Builder get customizing and make yourself one!

Our Sports Focus this week is Basketball, one of the most recognisable sports of all time. At Frame My Jersey we love sports as much as the next guy, we don’t just frame football Jerseys we do all types of sports Jerseys for any fan that wishes to get one framed.

If it’s your first time visiting us on this site let us fill you in! We are specialists in creating custom picture frames, having framed numerous sports jerseys. Our well-established picture framing business in Glasgow has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 12 years. Our business quickly gained a reputation for high quality sports jersey framing, which soon became the highlight of what we do.

A bit of History

The Basketball Association of America (BAA) was founded in 1946, with its first game held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 1, 1946, featuring the Toronto Huskies and New York Knickerbockers. After three seasons, in 1949, the BAA merged with the National Basketball League (NBL) to form the National Basketball Association (NBA). As the 1950s approached, basketball grew in popularity as a major college sport, sparking increased interest in professional basketball. In 1959, the basketball hall of fame was established in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the game was originally played. This esteemed institution recognizes outstanding players, coaches, referees, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport’s advancement.

What’s happening in Basketball Now?

The upcoming series this month is the NBA finals between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks. The Boston Celtics have won over 60 games in the regular season and are the favourites in the finals, led by talented Jason Tatum and brilliant Jaylon Brown with a great supporting cast of great defensive players. The Dallas Mavericks have won 50 games also in the regular season lead by the sensational Luka Dončić and the crafty ball handler Kyrie Irving who are supported by a young cast of unknown role players. Will this be the year Boston finally breakthrough and win the championship or will history repeat itself with Dallas beating another super team.


Thanks for reading our Sport Focus for this week. If you’re interested in any jerseys being made specifically for you or as a gift for a friend, take a look at our Frame builder.

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Our top-quality frames are made with extreme care and tailored to your tastes, from changing the colour scheme or adding designs it’s all up to you. We give you the freedom and creativity to style your own shirts using our Frame builder just so you can play around with our customisation options.

Our base price for our football shirts will be from £140. You might be thinking that this is a bit expensive, here at Frame My Jersey we make our frames using the finest quality materials such as wooden mouldings, acid-free boards, and high-grade Perspex. Each shirt is crafted with a personalized template to beautifully display the signatures and sponsors just the way you want. Our professional framer’s over in Glasgow make everything from hand in our workshop with the upmost attentiveness so you can trust that your frame will undergo a thorough quality check before it’s sent to your door.

Add Ons

We also have additional options for your framed jersey that does have an increase in your football shirts framing price. Such as our plaques & logos, our plaques and logos are priced at an extra £20 this will allow to have your favourite teams badge or a creative message on your football shirt which makes this perfect for a gift to family member or friend, which can get gift wrapped for an additional £15.

Images are also available at another £20. We print our pictures on 230gsm semi-matte paper with an Epson D800 for amazing quality. The result is sharp, clear images that enhance the uniqueness of your football shirts framing.

Packaging and Shipping

The football shirts display cases are completely recyclable and constructed from durable double wall corrugated board. They come with a Kraft outer paper lining for added strength and protection. Every football shirt is safeguarded with foam corners and wrapped tightly with film around its framing.

Our delivery service partner DHL have a 48-hour waiting period that provide tracking, so you know when it’s coming or if there any issues with the package. We do offer a delivery insurance upgrade at the cost of £10 in case you have any worries about your order as well as a Frame Care Kit at the same price to keep your shirt in great condition.

After our team packages and prepares your jersey for shipment, you will receive an email confirmation along with a tracking number. This ensures you can track your framed football shirt until it safely reaches you.

Placing Your Order

If you think you would like to get one of our jerseys Click Here and head over to our home page, learn more about us and treat yourself to some great quality jerseys.

Everyone’s a Winner

In the world of professional sports, partnering with businesses help play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of the sports organisations. These affiliates invest not only their money but also their time and trust in supporting a club. As a token of appreciation, it is essential to acknowledge their contribution and dedication. One thoughtful and impactful way to do this is by presenting them with a framed jersey. In this blog post, we will explore why a framed jersey is the perfect gift from clubs to club sponsors.

Framed shirts

A Symbol of Gratitude

framed jersey

A framed jersey serves as a tangible symbol of the club’s appreciation for their sponsor’s support. It is a statement that the club values the partnership and wants to commemorate it in a meaningful way. The framed jersey not only honours the sponsor but also sends a powerful message to other potential sponsors. It shows that the club appreciates its partners and is committed to building long-lasting relationships.

A Permanent Reminder 

A framed jersey is not just a gift; it is a lasting reminder of the partnership between the club and the sponsor. When on display, it serves as a constant reminder of the positive impact they have had on the club. For the sponsor, it shows a commitment to local sports, which can align perfectly with the businesses mantra whilst also creating a sense of pride for the sponsor. Every time they glance at the framed jersey, they can take pride in the role they play in the club’s success.

Sean Skelly | Head of Basketball (Men) & Operations

Framing a jersey for me is not just putting a piece of fabric into a case. It’s capturing and memorialising a moment in time, a feeling or a memory.

“I’ll never forget winning our first trophy in 20 years and thanks to Sunny and his team at Frame my Jersey neither will our partners, who will proudly display items in their businesses from our most successful season to date”.

An Artistic Display

jersey framing

When done professionally, a framed jersey can elevate the aesthetic of an office or reception; it transforms the jersey into a piece of art. The choice of frame, backing colour and coloured spacer, with additions that include plaques and photos can further the jersey’s visual appeal. Sponsors that have been with the club for several years will proudly showcase the journey they have been on with the club. It becomes a conversation starter and a statement piece that can generate interest and curiosity about the club, potentially leading to more exposure and support.

Lasting Impact on Sponsorship

A framed jersey can generate positive word-of-mouth and referrals, as sponsors share their experience with other potential supporters. This can lead to a network of affiliates who are eager to engage with the club, thanks to the excellent reputation and appreciation that such gifts cultivate. In addition to this, it creates great brand awareness for the club, with framed shirts on display at all these distinguished businesses. 

In conclusion, a framed jersey is not just a gift; it is an emotional connection between the club and the sponsor. It demonstrates that the club cares about the sponsor’s involvement on a deeper level. This emotional connection can foster a stronger and more enduring relationship.

25th March 2023

Emirates Arena – BBL Cup Final

“Sloan, in the corner for the win! AAHHH DAVID SLOAN wins it for the Caledonia Gladiators”

– A moment immortalised in the history of British Basketball –


Football is more than just a sport; it’s a passion, a way of life, and a source of cherished memories. Whether you’re a player, an avid fan, or a collector, framing a football shirt is a fantastic way to preserve and showcase your passion. In this blog post, I will guide you through our process of framing a football shirt.

Step 1 – You’ve hit the jackpot.
There you are, at the side of the pitch on matchday and you clock eyes with your idol. As they come closer you look around, slightly bemused but forever hopeful. Hopeful that they’ve spotted you amongst the thousands of adoring fans and as they hand you their shirt you smile, nod, stay cool but inside. Inside you’re ecstatic! Photos of the shirt hit every social media platform known. You create a ‘Threads’ account, just in-case someone hasn’t seen the prized shirt.

Football Shirt Framing Post

Step 2 – You’ve secured the shirt, now what? The shirt comes home and what do you do with it? Someone suggests framing the shirt and now we come into the equation. Framemyjersey.co.uk allows you to get creative. Initially you want to create a visual representation of the jersey you’re looking to frame. This will help when you are choosing the frame options. Select your preferred frame, chose a backing colour to complement the jersey and a coloured spacer to further enhance the look. Add two photos and an engraved plaque if you like. Okay, let’s get the jersey in a post-able bag and send it to our workshop, ideally tracked delivery.

Framing team at work

Step 3 – Let us work.
Upon delivery you’ll receive an email from our workshop and we’ll get started. Our team of talented framers will template the jersey, print your photos and engrave your plaque if required. We’ll get to work building your frame, painting your spacer, and cutting your backing and Perspex to size. Now we have all the components to the perfect frame for your shirt. It’s time for assembly. We’ll carefully join your frame, attach your templated jersey, photos and plaques.

Package framed football shirt

Step 4 – FINISH HIM.
If you’ve requested gift wrapping then you’ll receive photos of your framed shirt before we wrap it in our signature black wrapping paper and gold ribbon. Your framed shirt is then packaged, insuring all the corners are protected and the Perspex is also shielded from any unwanted impact. Boxed and sent 48hour tracked, you’ll receive your framed shirt within 7 days from it arriving in our workshop.

Step 5 – Enjoy and forever tell the story.
Upon delivery, take time un-packing your frame. We took a lot of time making sure it is perfect. We’re confident you’ll be impressed. Go ahead, frame your football shirt and tell your story, a story about the beautiful game.

finished football framing

“Football is my choice of art, I’ll fill every wall with the idols I grew up supporting” – No one famous said this, I made it up in my kitchen whilst writing this blog.

Welcome to framemyjersey.co.uk, a platform that brings your passion for sports and personalised memorabilia to life. In this post, we delve into the journey behind the creation of our website, where fans can design their own customised frames for their sports jerseys. Join us as we explore the power of personalisation, the emotional connection to the games we love and our commitment to sustainability.

Personalisation takes centre stage.

At framemyjersey.co.uk, we understand the desire for a statement that reflects your unwavering support for your favourite team. With our user-friendly and innovative frame designer, you have the freedom to design their personalised jersey frame online. From selecting the frame, background, spacer, having the option of adding plaques and photos the customisation possibilities are endless.

Strengthening the emotional connection.

Sports have an extraordinary ability to evoke deep emotions within fans. Framing a jersey from your favourite team, favourite player or to mark a significant event will not only showcases your loyalty but also strengthens your emotional connection to the game. We believe that by framing your cherished jersey, you can immortalise your support and create a lasting tribute to the athletes and teams that inspire you.

Your gateway to unique framed jerseys.

Framemyjersey.co.uk, is dedicated to offering a distinctive product in the market – customisable framed sports jerseys. By combining the art of framing with the unique designs of modern-day sports jerseys, we provide customers with a visually stunning and tailor-made piece of sports memorabilia. Each framed jersey is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail to ensure it becomes a prized possession to be
displayed proudly in your home or office.

A sustainable partnership.

At framemyjersey.co.uk, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In partnership with Trees for Life, a renowned rewilding project in Scotland, we have pledged to contribute to the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. For every framed jersey ordered through our website, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Trees for Life, helping to plant trees and support the
rewilding efforts across Scotland.

The seamless journey.

Our aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers. With the user-friendly Frame designer on our website, designing your custom jersey frame is a breeze. You can see a visual representation of the jersey you’re looking to frame and then simply follow the step-by-step process to choose your frame, backing, spacer colour and additions like plaques and photos. Once you’ve completed the design, send your jersey to our dedicated workshop. Our skilled team of framers will carefully frame your jersey according to your specifications and send it back to you, securely packaged and ready to be displayed.

Building an engaged community.

Framemyjersey.co.uk is more than just a website; it’s a community of passionate sports fans. We encourage our customers to share their framed jerseys, stories, and experiences through their social media channels, fostering an engaged community that celebrates the love for sports and personalised memorabilia. By connecting with fellow enthusiasts, you’ll find a sense of camaraderie and inspiration that adds even more value to your framed jersey.

Global reach, local craftsmanship.

While our website is accessible globally, we take pride in our local craftsmanship. Our workshop, located in the heart of the Glasgow, is where our skilled team meticulously frame each jersey with the utmost care and precision. We prioritise quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every framed jersey that leaves our workshop meets the highest standards.


Framemyjersey.co.uk is your gateway to personalised framed jerseys. We’re creating a community of passionate sports fans where we celebrate the teams and athletes we love. We want to modernise the jersey framing experience whilst staying true to our craft. Follow us on this exciting journey through our social channels.