Football is more than just a sport; it’s a passion, a way of life, and a source of cherished memories. Whether you’re a player, an avid fan, or a collector, framing a football shirt is a fantastic way to preserve and showcase your passion. In this blog post, I will guide you through our process of framing a football shirt.

Step 1 – You’ve hit the jackpot.
There you are, at the side of the pitch on matchday and you clock eyes with your idol. As they come closer you look around, slightly bemused but forever hopeful. Hopeful that they’ve spotted you amongst the thousands of adoring fans and as they hand you their shirt you smile, nod, stay cool but inside. Inside you’re ecstatic! Photos of the shirt hit every social media platform known. You create a ‘Threads’ account, just in-case someone hasn’t seen the prized shirt.

Football Shirt Framing Post

Step 2 – You’ve secured the shirt, now what? The shirt comes home and what do you do with it? Someone suggests framing the shirt and now we come into the equation. allows you to get creative. Initially you want to create a visual representation of the jersey you’re looking to frame. This will help when you are choosing the frame options. Select your preferred frame, chose a backing colour to complement the jersey and a coloured spacer to further enhance the look. Add two photos and an engraved plaque if you like. Okay, let’s get the jersey in a post-able bag and send it to our workshop, ideally tracked delivery.

Framing team at work

Step 3 – Let us work.
Upon delivery you’ll receive an email from our workshop and we’ll get started. Our team of talented framers will template the jersey, print your photos and engrave your plaque if required. We’ll get to work building your frame, painting your spacer, and cutting your backing and Perspex to size. Now we have all the components to the perfect frame for your shirt. It’s time for assembly. We’ll carefully join your frame, attach your templated jersey, photos and plaques.

Package framed football shirt

Step 4 – FINISH HIM.
If you’ve requested gift wrapping then you’ll receive photos of your framed shirt before we wrap it in our signature black wrapping paper and gold ribbon. Your framed shirt is then packaged, insuring all the corners are protected and the Perspex is also shielded from any unwanted impact. Boxed and sent 48hour tracked, you’ll receive your framed shirt within 7 days from it arriving in our workshop.

Step 5 – Enjoy and forever tell the story.
Upon delivery, take time un-packing your frame. We took a lot of time making sure it is perfect. We’re confident you’ll be impressed. Go ahead, frame your football shirt and tell your story, a story about the beautiful game.

finished football framing

“Football is my choice of art, I’ll fill every wall with the idols I grew up supporting” – No one famous said this, I made it up in my kitchen whilst writing this blog.