Meet the Team

Our talented team have the knowledge and passion to create your perfect frame.

Sunny Headshot Sunny Headshot


“I love what we’re building here at Frame My Jersey. If I’m not in the workshop, I’ll be watching United.”

Favourite sport – Football
Favourite team – Manchester United


Find out why I started Frame My Jersey.

Aoibhe Headshot Aoibhe Headshot


“I love the care and attention that goes into making each frame from start to finish. I am also a die-hard dog fan.”

Favourite sport – Yoga
Favourite team – Juventus

Kamil Headshot Kamil Headshot


“A pleasure and experience working alongside such a creative group.”

Favourite sport – Football
Favourite team – Jagiellonia Białystok

Neil Headshot Neil Headshot


“You’ll find me watching anything with wheels.”

Favourite sport – Indycar
Favourite team – Mclaren

David Headshot David Headshot


The dynamic and fast-paced nature of the workshop creates an excellent atmosphere for a productive working environment.

Favourite sport – Basketball
Favourite team – Caledonia Gladiators