Unveiling the story behind Frame My Jersey

Welcome to framemyjersey.co.uk, a platform that brings your passion for sports and personalised memorabilia to life. In this post, we delve into the journey behind the creation of our website, where fans can design their own customised frames for their sports jerseys. Join us as we explore the power of personalisation, the emotional connection to the games we love and our commitment to sustainability.

Personalisation takes centre stage.

At framemyjersey.co.uk, we understand the desire for a statement that reflects your unwavering support for your favourite team. With our user-friendly and innovative frame designer, you have the freedom to design their personalised jersey frame online. From selecting the frame, background, spacer, having the option of adding plaques and photos the customisation possibilities are endless.

Strengthening the emotional connection.

Sports have an extraordinary ability to evoke deep emotions within fans. Framing a jersey from your favourite team, favourite player or to mark a significant event will not only showcases your loyalty but also strengthens your emotional connection to the game. We believe that by framing your cherished jersey, you can immortalise your support and create a lasting tribute to the athletes and teams that inspire you.

Your gateway to unique framed jerseys.

Framemyjersey.co.uk, is dedicated to offering a distinctive product in the market – customisable framed sports jerseys. By combining the art of framing with the unique designs of modern-day sports jerseys, we provide customers with a visually stunning and tailor-made piece of sports memorabilia. Each framed jersey is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail to ensure it becomes a prized possession to be
displayed proudly in your home or office.

A sustainable partnership.

At framemyjersey.co.uk, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In partnership with Trees for Life, a renowned rewilding project in Scotland, we have pledged to contribute to the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. For every framed jersey ordered through our website, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Trees for Life, helping to plant trees and support the
rewilding efforts across Scotland.

The seamless journey.

Our aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers. With the user-friendly Frame designer on our website, designing your custom jersey frame is a breeze. You can see a visual representation of the jersey you’re looking to frame and then simply follow the step-by-step process to choose your frame, backing, spacer colour and additions like plaques and photos. Once you’ve completed the design, send your jersey to our dedicated workshop. Our skilled team of framers will carefully frame your jersey according to your specifications and send it back to you, securely packaged and ready to be displayed.

Building an engaged community.

Framemyjersey.co.uk is more than just a website; it’s a community of passionate sports fans. We encourage our customers to share their framed jerseys, stories, and experiences through their social media channels, fostering an engaged community that celebrates the love for sports and personalised memorabilia. By connecting with fellow enthusiasts, you’ll find a sense of camaraderie and inspiration that adds even more value to your framed jersey.

Global reach, local craftsmanship.

While our website is accessible globally, we take pride in our local craftsmanship. Our workshop, located in the heart of the Glasgow, is where our skilled team meticulously frame each jersey with the utmost care and precision. We prioritise quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every framed jersey that leaves our workshop meets the highest standards.


Framemyjersey.co.uk is your gateway to personalised framed jerseys. We’re creating a community of passionate sports fans where we celebrate the teams and athletes we love. We want to modernise the jersey framing experience whilst staying true to our craft. Follow us on this exciting journey through our social channels.